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Setting up Instagram shop : simplest 7 steps to Create & setup Instagram shop to sell the products.

setting up Instagram shop

Setting up Instagram shop means a set of  features that makes it easier to market products to prospective buyers on the social media platform. Brands can promote featured items via sponsored posts, Stories, and organic bases. Additionally, Instagram Shopping enables users to shop immediately after discovering things in Search & Explore.

Instagram is a social media platform that emphasizes visual material and allows users to comment on posts, live stream videos, send direct messages, and create Stories. Since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion, it has grown into a sizable marketing platform.

Social media marketing has reached a new height thanks to Instagram Shopping. Using various forms of content, including image and video posts, Stories, and advertising, marketers today use Instagram to draw customers to their products efficiently.

Instagram announced the global rollout of its shopping functionalities across IGTV in October 2020. This implies that users can view a product-specific video and complete the checkout process in just a few taps. Additionally, Instagram will test shopping capabilities within Reels, a newly unveiled product that competes with TikTok.

Let’s learn a little bit about the Instagram shop platform before we get started setting up your shop.

What is Instagram shopping?

Instagram Shopping is a tool that enables eCommerce companies to publish a shared digital catalog of their products directly on the social media platform.

Users can read more about products within the app, purchase them immediately on Instagram (using Checkout), or click on the retailer’s eCommerce site to complete the transaction.

Instagram is not a new platform for sharing goods or advertising commerce. Instagram claims that 87% of users believe influencers have motivated them to buy something, and 70% of frequent buyers use the app to find new things.

Setting up Instagram shop

Instagram Shopping Features:

Before starting up Instagram shop, every Instagram shop should be familiar with the following specifics and terminology:

Customers may shop directly from your Instagram profile via an Instagram Shop, a brand’s fully customizable digital storefront. As a landing page where customers may learn about or browse all of your products, think of it as such.

Product description, pricing, and pictures are all displayed in full on the Product Detail Pages. Any Instagram photos with the keyword “product” will also be pulled into the product detail page.

Collections are essentially like merchandising your digital front window because they allow Shops to present products in a chosen group.

Include a shopping tag to encourage your audience to click through to your catalog’s products in your Stories, Reels, or Instagram posts and learn more or make a purchase. The restricted Checkout function on Instagram allows U.S. companies to tag products in post captions and bios. Shopping Tags can also be used in advertisements!

Customers can make purchases inside Instagram with Checkout (currently only available in a few locations). Customers will be sent to a checkout page on the brand’s e-commerce site for brands lacking Checkout capabilities.)

For non-followers, the Instagram app’s new Shop discovery tab offers a discovery tool. It’s window-shopping 2.0 as you scroll through products from worldwide brands, big and small.

How to get approved for Instagram shopping

Before setting up Instagram Shopping, ensure your company satisfies the eligibility requirements.

  • Instagram Shopping is accessible in the market where your company is located. To be sure, look at the list.
  • You market a tangible, acceptable product.
  • Your company abides by Instagram’s commerce regulations and merchant agreement.
  • Your company owns your eCommerce website.
  • You have an Instagram account for your company. Don’t worry if your account is set up as a personal profile; changing your settings to business is simple.

Setting up Instagram shop

Follow these seven steps for setting up Instagram shop and  launch your Instagram store having access to the shopping capabilities.

Step 1: Get Approved for Selling on Instagram

You must follow five policies to use Facebook Commerce features, including Instagram Shopping. Here they are.

  1. Adhere to Facebook’s rules. Ensure your Instagram Business profile complies with Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. The Merchant Agreement, Commerce Policies, Ads Policies and Pages, Groups, and Events Policies must also be followed.
  2. Operate your company from a verified domain. Products that may be bought directly from your website or Instagram Checkout must be listed in your Instagram business account. You must specify the one non-shortened domain from which you sell if you send clients from your Instagram store to a website or any other supported market (Facebook partners). To ensure your Instagram business account is linked to your domain, Instagram may ask you to go through domain verification.
  3. Be located in a market that is supported. You should run your company from one of the nations where Instagram Shopping is offered. These nations were addressed before in the guide; the list is also available.
  4. Show that you are reliable. Your Instagram business account must show genuine engagement, be well-established, and have a sizable following.
  5. Supply accurate data and adhere to best practices. Ensure that product pricing and availability information is valid for products featured on Facebook Commerce websites. Make it clear where customers may find your refund and return policies on your website or Instagram page.

Let’s say you disregard any of these rules at any time. In this situation, your account can be disabled, or you might lose access to Facebook Commerce surfaces and services (including Instagram Shopping).

Step 2: Setup Your Business Instagram Account

Create a business account on Instagram using your current profile. Three steps are necessary:

  1. Change to a Business Account Select “Switch to a Business” from the Settings menu and then select “Continue.”
  2. Link to your Facebook page. When prompted, select the page you are the administrator of and tap “Next.”
  3. Create your Business profile. To allow users to email, call, and receive directions to your business from the buttons and links on your website, include your business’s contact information, phone number, physical location, and email address.

Step 3: Upload Your Product Catalog

Your product portfolio powers Instagram Shopping. There are two ways to link a product catalog to your Instagram business account:

  • Use Catalog Manager. This Facebook Business Manager tool enables you to store data about all the goods you want to market or sell on Facebook and Instagram. Use this advice to create a catalog if you don’t already have one.
  • Use partners of the Instagram e-commerce platform. You can use Facebook’s integration with approved e-commerce systems like Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce.

Step 4: Complete Your Account Review

After adding products to your connected catalog, submit your account for evaluation, which usually takes a few days. How to finish your account review is as follows:

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Sign In to a shopping site.
  3. Send your account for evaluation.
  4. You can always check your status in the “Shopping” area of your Settings.

Be aware that Instagram could need more proof that you control the domain name for your website. You must validate your domain if you receive such a notification.

Step 5: Turn on Shopping

Your account is still being reviewed if you can’t see “Shopping” in your account settings.

Follow these instructions to enable shopping features once your account has been approved.

  1. Go to your Settings.
  2. Tap “Business” and then tap “Shopping.”
  3. Choose a product catalog to connect to your account.

Step 6: Start Adding Tags

Making your Instagram content actionable requires doing this. Thanks to Shopping Tags, users can learn more about your products through the images and videos they see in their Feed and Stories.

To tag a product in your image post, follow these steps:

  1. Tap “Add photo.”
  2. Add a caption.
  3. Tap on “Tag products.”
  4. Tap on a product in your photo.
  5. Choose a product from your catalog.
  6. Tap “Done,” and then tap “Share.”

A shopping sticker can be added to your Stories post in the following ways:

  1. In the top right corner, locate the sticker symbol.
  2. From the sticker tray, choose the product sticker.
  3. Select the desired item from your catalog.
  4. Reposition the product sticker so that it perfectly complements your tale.
  5. By touching the product sticker, you may alter the text color.
  6. Tell your tale.

Step 7: Monitor your Shopping Insights

Setting up Instagram shop  is very easy. To evaluate how effective your selling posts and stories are, locate the “Insights” page in your account. By learning about the preferences and actions of your customers, insights help you refine your Instagram marketing plan,


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