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LinkedIn Business Account? 4 important ways to use LinkedIn for business

LinkedIn Business Account

Are you maximizing LinkedIn’s capabilities for your business to increase income, expand your network, and generate brand awareness? Given the emergence of new social networks, LinkedIn is a frequently underused platform. Adding LinkedIn to your social media content strategy may be effective. Lets learn about LinkedIn Business Account.


4 ways to use LinkedIn Business Account/LinkedIn for business

  1. LinkedIn advertising

There are many different LinkedIn ad forms available, such as

  • Sponsored text advertising.
  • Sponsored content (such as “boosting” an already-published Page article).
  • Sponsored messages (sent to a user’s inbox on LinkedIn).
  • Dynamic advertisements permit the inclusion of a user’s information, such as name, profile photo, and employer.
  • Sponsored employment postings
  • Ads with a photo carousel.

Ads on LinkedIn may be quite effective since four out of five users have the authority to influence corporate buying choices.

LinkedIn Business Account


  1. Posting job listings and recruiting

LinkedIn users already often visit job advertisements. Every week, 40 million people use LinkedIn to search for new jobs. A listing you submit is free and appears on your company page.

It may be worthwhile to invest in paid advertising for your job postings. Compared to non-promoted job advertising, paid single job postings to draw 25% more applications.

For years, recruiters worldwide have used LinkedIn’s specialized Recruiter premium account as the gold standard. For small enterprises, they also provide a version that is called Lite.

  1. Networking

The entire purpose of LinkedIn is networking. Your professional network is more crucial than ever as more transactions and duties in the company are done online. LinkedIn said the number of linked users’ chats increased by 55% between January 2020 and January 2021.

It’s a terrific networking tool to use LinkedIn Groups. Since these are closed forums, whatever you write there won’t be shown on your profile. The inability to connect with your Company Page is the only negative for businesses. In Groups, you must log in using your profile.

Joining a Group, however, may be a fantastic method to expand your network and Page followers since many Groups permit participants to exchange Page material. Groups are on the LinkedIn dashboard’s upper right, under the Work symbol.

  1. Thought leadership

When used effectively, long-form material may solidify your position as an innovative leader and subject-matter authority in your field.

Click Write article on the LinkedIn homepage to publish a paper.

You have the option of posting from your account or your LinkedIn Business Account or company page. Select your new Company Page, which will help us increase your business’s following.

Alternatively, you might contribute thought leadership information to your company page after posting it under your CEO’s profile.

The publishing platform is very close to being your blog platform. It makes it simple to structure your article, allowing you to include photos and videos effortlessly. You can even save a draft.

Creating your essay is the simple part. Who is going to read it now?

If thought leadership is your objective, you must persevere long enough to generate attention and momentum for your effort. Why even try? Decision-makers in B2B like thought-provoking material.

These important potential customers said they would be prepared to pay more to collaborate with organizations that produce thought leadership material.

Here are a few pointers to help you succeed:

  • Be consistent. This is the most critical aspect of retaining current readers and gaining new ones. Decide on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly posting plan, and then stick to it.
  • Be original. Do not rehash previously published content from the internet. Take a stance, establish an opinion, and make a compelling case for your position. Everyone does not have to agree with you. If they do, it is unlikely to be true thinking leadership.
  • Write once, promote forever. Remember to share and promote your previous entries. LinkedIn content output is expected to increase by 60% by 2020, so you’ll have some competition. Your stuff has a place —share it more than once.

3 important LinkedIn marketing tips

Your objectives will determine your LinkedIn marketing strategy. In general, these are the three things everyone should do to sell like a pro.

  1. Optimize your posts

On LinkedIn, relevance is more essential than recentness. Like many platforms, its algorithm strives to show consumers more of what they want to view and less of what they don’t.

For example, the only LinkedIn poll I ever participated in was about how much I wouldn’t say I like votes, so when LinkedIn gave me this at the top of my feed today, I had to laugh:

The following are the most important techniques to optimize your content on your LinkedIn Business Account:

  • Include a picture or other material at all times. Visual postings garner 98% more comments than text-only posts. Include a photo, infographic, SlideShare presentation, or video, for example. (Videos are five times more engaging than other content.)
  • Keep your post copy brief. Create a quick lead, then link to the complete piece when sharing long-form information.
  • Include a clear call to action at all times.
  • Identify the target audience (for example, “Calling all creatives” or “Are you a working parent?”).
  • Tag persons and pages that are referenced.
  • Begin with a question to elicit replies.
  • Make LinkedIn polls to solicit input and involvement.
  • Incorporate two to three relevant hashtags naturally.
  • Create catchy headlines for your articles.
  • Respond to comments as soon as possible to promote additional participation.
  1. Learn from LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn Business Account


You’re only hacking if you’re not tracking.

In all seriousness, monitoring your marketing objectives requires reliable and timely information. LinkedIn includes built-in statistics that tell you the essentials, but you can save time and learn much more by going beyond the basics.

We have a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know, but in general, you can track:

  • Your most interesting stuff.
  • How visitors discovered your Page.
  • Traffic to each component of your Page and any Showcase Pages you may have.
  • Information about demographics.
  • How does your Page rank in comparison to your competition?
  • Snoopy information about your rivals and their workers, like talents, education, job titles, etc.

It provides personalized information to help you fine-tune your LinkedIn strategy to accomplish your objectives.

  1. Post at the best time

When should you publish on LinkedIn?

There is no one best time. Everything is dependent on when your target audience is on LinkedIn. That is determined by various circumstances, including their time zone and job schedule. Knowing your audience is essential for success in content marketing as it is for anything else.

You may not only schedule all of your posts ahead of time so that you never forget to post, but you can also select Auto Schedule them at the best time for your business. Analyzes your previous performance to determine when your audience is most engaged.

LinkedIn Business Account or Company page is necessary for all Business holders nowadays as well as Linked Individual Profile optimization is also necessary. To learn about LinkedIn profile optimization please read our other article.


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