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Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress | 12 Essential Points You Should Asses

advantages and disadvantages of wordpress

Is it time to launch a new website? You’ve undoubtedly also heard of the well-known WordPress Content Management System (CMS). The platform has developed a solid reputation as the platform of choice for bloggers and website owners. But it’s vital to first consider all the main WordPress advantages and disadvantages before you go into the … Read more

3 Common Amazon Errors | Important Steps to Fix

Amazon Errors

You’ve started selling on Amazon and created an Amazon Seller Account, and you believe you have a firm grasp of the online retail giant. The good news is that you’re doing well if you survived your first holiday shopping season and emerged financially successful. But there are some Amazon Errors that even big or experienced … Read more

Facebook Pixel Setup or a Meta pixel Setup: 5 Easy-to-Use steps to create or setup Facebook pixel

Facebook Pixel Setup

Facebook for Business includes a tool called Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel Setup may track conversions (actions) brought about by your Facebook ads on your website, retarget particular audiences, and provide you with helpful information about how your users engage with your content. Nearly 3 billion people use Facebook regularly, with 70% reporting daily visits. It … Read more