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Amazon return continue button not working; Here is how you can fix effectively (2023)

Amazon return continue button not working


Is Amazon return continue button notworking?

With just a few clicks, it’s now tremendously convenient to buy products thanks to Amazon, which has completely changed how we shop. On Amazon, users occasionally run into problems with amazon returns, especially when the “Continue” button stops functioning. Although this may be annoying, don’t be concerned! In this article, we’ll examine the causes of the Amazon return/continue button’s malfunction and provide you with a few practical fixes.

Amazon return continue button not working

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Why is Amazon Return Continue Button Not Working?

The Amazon return continue button not working can be caused by a number of things. Let’s examine some of the prevalent causes in more detail:

  1. ServerStatus: Amazon’s servers could be undergoing short-term problems or maintenance, which would explain the non-responsive “Continue” button. Before conducting additional troubleshooting, it is worthwhile to verify the server status because these server-related issues are typically rapidly fixed.
  2. Non-Eligible Product: various categories of products on Amazon have various return procedures. The proceed button might not work properly if you’re attempting to return a product that doesn’t match the eligibility requirements, like a non-returnable item or a product that has passed the return window.
  3. Browser Cache: Cache and cookies in your browser might occasionally prevent a website from functioning properly. If the “Continue” button isn’t functioning, deleting the cache in your browser might be able to help.
  4. Device-related Issues: The Amazon return continue button notworkingproperly due to technical issues with your device. Frequently, restarting your smartphone will solve such problems.
  5. Web browser compatibility: Some websites may not work properly with web browsers. The “Continue” button could work properly if you use a different browser if you’re having issues with it.
  6. Account Issues: The “Continue” button’s performance may occasionally be hampered by issues with your Amazon account, such as erroneous login information or account suspension. These problems can be fixed by checking your account information or contacting Amazon customer care.


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How to Fix the Amazon Return Continue Button Not Working Issue?

Amazon return continue button not working

Let’s investigate the fixes to the Amazon returncontinue button not working now that we are aware of some potential causes:

  1. Verify the status of the server: Visit Amazon’s official website or social media accounts to see if there are any known server issues before continuing with troubleshooting. If so, wait until Amazon fixes the issue.
  2. Verify Product Eligibility: Make sure the item you’re trying to return complies with Amazon’s return guidelines. Verify that it is within the return window and is returnable. If not, you might need to investigate other possibilities, including reselling the item.
  3. Clear the Cache in Your Browser: The cache in your browser can be cleared to assist resolve any transient data issues. Here’s how to accomplish it on well-liked browsers:
  4. Google Chrome:
    1. In the top right corner, select the three dots menu.
    2. Click “More tools” and choose “Clear browsing data.”
    3. Specify the time frame and click “Cached images and files.”
    4. To clear the cache, click “Clear data”.
  1. Using Safari:
    1. Go to the “Safari” menu after starting Safari.
    2. Go to the “Preferences” menu and click the “Privacy” option.
    3. Remove all website data by clicking “Manage Website Data”.
    4. To confirm, click “Remove Now.”


  1. Switch Off Your Device: On occasion, restarting your device can fix technical problems. Try again after restarting your laptop, phone, or tablet to get to the Amazon returns page.
  2. Use a Different Browser: If the proceed button is still inoperative, try using a different web browser to view the Amazon returns page. This can indicate whether the problem is particular to your browser.
  3. Account problems: Check your Amazon account information, especially your login information. For assistance, get in touch with Amazon customer service if you suspect any account-related problems. They can assist you in resolving any account issues that might be impeding the use of the “Continue” button.


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Contact Amazon Customer Service:

You should contact Amazon customer support if you’ve tried all the above fixes but the amazon return continue button not working still. If you have any problems or questions, they offer a dedicated support crew ready to help. They will walk you through further remedies if you provide them with specific information about the issue you’re having and the troubleshooting actions you’ve previously performed.

Last Words:

Although it can be annoying, it is not impossible to return a product on Amazon if the amazon return continue button not working. You can address the problem and smoothly proceed with your return procedure by following the troubleshooting steps described in this article. Remember to check the status of the server, confirm the eligibility of the product, clear the cache in your browser, restart your device, try a different browser, and, if necessary, contact Amazon customer support. You won’t experience any difficulties through the Amazon return process if you have access to these options.

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Q: Why is Amazon returns not working today?

A: There could be several reasons why Amazon returns aren’t working right now, including server-related problems, maintenance, or momentary errors in the software.

Q: Can using a different browser help?

A: Using a different browser can assist in determining whether the problem is unique to your present one. To see if the proceed button functions, try visiting the Amazon returns page using a different web browser.

Q: What if I believe my account may have problems?

A: Double-check your Amazon account information, including your login information. It is advised to get in touch with Amazon customer service for support if you detect any account-related issues.

Q: How can I get in touch with Amazon customer service?

A: You can get in touch with Amazon customer support by visiting the “contact Amazon customer support“. Give them specific details about the problem and the measures you’ve taken to fix it, and they’ll walk you through further options.


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