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3 Common Amazon Errors | Important Steps to Fix

Amazon Errors

You’ve started selling on Amazon and created an Amazon Seller Account, and you believe you have a firm grasp of the online retail giant.

The good news is that you’re doing well if you survived your first holiday shopping season and emerged financially successful.

But there are some Amazon Errors that even big or experienced Amazon merchants can’t solve.

Amazon selling is difficult and full of pitfalls even seasoned pros fall into.

I’m happy to show you the traps now, but much like a youngster who believes she understands how a magician works, you will need to put in much effort if you want to avoid the frequent issues new Amazon sellers go into.

At the very least, being aware of these will enable you to be more alert of potential dangers. Read the article below for a detailed explanation of how to resolve the problems after using the infographic to help you envision them.

How to Identify Amazon Errors:

Amazon sets stringent guidelines for information submitted to the marketplace and strives for high-quality product descriptions. Amazon employs codes to alert merchants when a feed doesn’t comply with certain rules.

Common mistakes are caused by incorrect formatting, inaccurate or missing data, a lack of rights, among many other problems. For the purpose of building a healthy product feed, it is essential to comprehend Amazon Errors codes and how to resolve them.

Amazon creates a feed processing report for each feed you provide. If you’ve opted-in, you may get the report by email or inside Amazon Seller Central. The report could also be shown by your feed solution provider on their website.

Some Common Amazon Errors and how to fix them:

Amazon Error Code 1060:

Amazon Errors

When there is a network connectivity issue, which prevents your device from reaching Amazon’s servers, Amazon error code 1060 appears. Although this is a very typical problem that Amazon Prime Video users have, it can be challenging to locate and resolve owing to the numerous variables at play.

How Amazon Error Code 1060 Appears:

The message that appears when Amazon error code 1060 occurs usually looks like this:

  • Check if your device is online, and then try again. Restart the app or get in touch with Amazon customer care if the connection is successful, but you still get this warning. Code of Error 1060.

How to Fix Amazon Error Code 1060?

Investigating your streaming device’s internet connection will help locate and resolve the Error Code 1060 issue. You will need access to your streaming device as well as your home network’s modem and router to try these repairs.

To fix Amazon Error code 1060:

  1. When you see an error, click Retry.
  2. Restart your streaming device. Turn off and restart your device completely.
  3. Make sure your gadget is online by checking its connection.
  4. Verify the speed of your internet connection. If you can, use the device that displays the error code 1060 to determine the speed of your internet connection.
  5. Restart the hardware in your home network. Restart your network equipment if you are experiencing connectivity troubles since they may be related to your home network hardware.
  6. Analyze any Amazon downtime. If everything is in order on your end, Amazon’s servers could be having trouble.
  7. Get in touch with Amazon and your internet service provider.

Amazon Listing Errors:

  • Click the List tab and choose Amazon Listing Errors from the dropdown menu to access the Amazon List Errors page.
  • There is a search area at the top of the screen where you may look for problems by MSKU, Batch Name, Shipment ID, or by choosing Everything to search across all fields.
  • After choosing the search criteria (the default is Everything), enter the data into the field and press the green Search button.
  • The search results are cleared when you click the Reset button, and any mistakes are shown.
  • The mistakes are arranged chronologically, with the most recent ones shown at the top of the page. The batch or shipment name, the error type, the timestamp, and the error’s action area are all listed on the labels for the errors.
  • If you click the I next to Action, a popup with information about the error(s) for that batch or shipment will appear below the error headings.


Amazon Errors


Note: Amazon usually places the MSKU having problems towards the start of an error message, either in brackets or between slashes.

  • Clearing the error notice by clicking the red X. There is no reverse.

Potential Pricing Error on Amazon?

Amazon will only notify you of a potential pricing issue, but your product will stay inactive until you make the necessary corrections. Amazon implemented safety safeguards on January 14th, 2015, to lessen the possibility of pricing mistake for merchants and prevent bad consumer experiences. When Amazon detects potential pricing errors in your listings, they will notify you. If Amazon’s algorithm determines that items are priced too low or too high, it may in more extreme circumstances, deactivate the affected listings to prevent a possibly bad consumer experience.

Amazon Erros

Okay, let’s dive into the process.

Step 1: Log in to the Amazon Seller Central account.

Step 2: Now choose the Manage Inventory menu and select the Price Alerts tab. After that, you can examine all of the listings that Amazon has deactivated due to a pricing issue by selecting Inactive choices from the Inactive Offers Overview area.

Step 3: Set a minimum price, a standard price (which is currently on Amazon), and a maximum price for the goods before reactivating them. Setting a maximum price is not essential if the standard price and the maximum price are the same. Under the box, you can see the suggested price for each price range. The modifications will update in up to 15 minutes. Sometimes, it takes more time to reflect on the product page.


There are different type of businesses on Amazon and it might be challenging to send Amazon product information. Utilizing an automatic feed to organize your process can benefit you. You can have feed faults, but hopefully, this tutorial will show you how to fix the most typical issues.

Always use an automatic feed system that allows you to change your source data quickly. It’s crucial that you can manage your data so that it complies with Amazon’s data standards and is primed for Amazon SEO.


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